Chelsea Target Hulk in £35m Deal, John Terry Disgraces Himself and Roman won’t Take no for an Answer

Well there has never been a season as a Chelsea fan in which you have been able to simply sit back and watch the sort of football that you expect from the club but this season has been a sea of emotions, from seeing the club trying to keep the pace with the Premier League leaders to now trying to fight for a place in the Champions League next season, but would i swap it?No.

The club has had its own fair share of problems, whether those be on the field or behind the scenes, either way, things have not been flowing as they should for a club that have the spending power to be able to purchase over 50% of the clubs they face off against during their Premier League season. With the Champions League final now set up against German side Bayern Munich, the club finally have a chance to lift a major title this term after hopes fading within the league or any of the other domestic cups but the lure of Champions League success is enough to wet the whistle of any football fan.

Okay so the journey to the final has been a scrappy one and the second leg against Barcelona was by far not the most attractive style of play from the Chelsea Blues but who cares, the lock down within the defensive third was enough to prevent the likes of Lionel Messi showing off why the Spanish side are considered to be the best team in football history. Sometimes you have to go ugly in order to secure the victory.

One of the most disappointing things from the game has to be the fact that John Terry honestly thought that he was acting within the laws of the game in the heat of the moment as he thrust his knee into the back of Alexis Sanchez, the Barcelona striker. The English international clearly has issues, whether that be that the wives and girlfriends of his team mates aren’t paying him any attention or whether Sanchez had said something that triggered the anger streak, regardless of the reasoning, he is paid enough to learn to count to ten and remain focus.

The success of the club in that game doesn’t span from his contribution, it was the character of the players after his dismissal that left Chelsea fans proud, not his childish actions that placed the club’s existance within the tournament firmly on the line. With strength shown and Roberto di Matteo at the helm at the moment, the club seem to be steering in the right direction, something that reports are showing that even the Chelsea board aren’t able to deny, saying that the former player could be handed the permanent managerial role for 12 months in a bid to allow him to be able to prove that he has what it takes to succeed at a club that has swapped and change managers more times than Ashley Cole has been in the headlines!

One positive that seems to have come from the push to the Champions League final is that owner Roman Abramovich seems to have woken up to the news that his club is in drastic need of alterations, his side being flooded with aging players that are now clearly showing that it could be time to step out of the Premier League and into a football league that will allow them to once again become the larger force, something that can’t be said in the Premier League this season with the youthful ranks making the headlines on a frequent basis and leaving the older players like Terry to have to act stupidly to be able to make his face appear on the back pages.

Transfer gossip this morning is that the London based club have continued their interest in one of the most feared strikers in the European leagues, Hulk who currently players at Porto. The Brazilian was named as one of the wish list that former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas gave at the time of taking on the managerial responsibility at the club but with the striker playing a major role at the Portuguese side, they slapped a hefty £71m fee on his head and left the former Chelsea boss having to look elsewhere, which then resulted in no arrival for any player!

The managerial job at Chelsea is something that any manager would dream of when you think about the resources that the club would be able to offer you but having invested over £300 million into new players within the first two years of ownership, Roman Abramovich has since failed to show such willing and has become more involved within the daily happenings at the club, something that pushed Jose Mourinho out of the door as he clashed with the Russian.

Caretaker manager Roberto di Matteo has shown that he really does have the magic touch when it comes to turning the club around, a fate that looked to be a big ask for a backroom coach that was more used to playing the game than telling others how to do it. Further rumours this morning have revealed that although senior players like Frank Lampard have called for the caretaker to be handed the job on a permanent basis, the club are ready to speak to Josep Guardiola who was in the opposite technical area as the Blues battled through to beat Barcelona last week.

The Spaniard has said that he is ready to step down from managerial responsibility at the Spanish club but insists that he is now ready for a 12 month break from the managerial game, but Roman Abramovich will fuel his plane in a bid to make contact with the Barca boss and try to convince him that the grass is greener at Stamford Bridge.

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